New features and improvements for CDDmatics Pascal are announced here.

2019/04/25 v1.2.6


  • The "Action Bar" has been added to "Country Check".

  • FATF status has been added to "General Information" in "Country Check".

  • "Confidence" has been added to "Country Check" (the "Confidence" only applies to the "Associated Media" tab).

  • "Name Check" hyperlinks have been added to "Country Leaders" in "General Information" in "Country Check".


  • Search results now include hits from all types of name aliases.

  • The confidence used for Wikipedia is now "Dynamic" and "Exact". This used to be only "Exact".

  • The resolution of the "World Map" in "Country Check" has been increased. This makes it possible to click on small countries such as Singapore.

  • Styling of "General Information" in "Country Check" has been improved for small screens.

  • The performance of minimizing and maximizing canvasses has been improved.

  • The CIA World Leaders list is now used as the source for "Country Leaders" in "General Information" in "Country Check".


  • "World Map" and "Country Check" are now inside the same canvas.

  • "10000 matches found" is now formatted as "10000+ matches found" when 10000 or more matches have been found.

  • The sources in "Country Check" have been renamed to be consistent with the names of the result canvasses.


  • The autocomplete function is now working properly again on all systems.

  • The "World Map" no longer moves weirdly when hovering over certain countries.

  • The "Associated Media" canvas in "Country Check" is now correctly pushed to the bottom when it is empty.

Known Issues

  • Switching tabs while a "Name Check" or "Business Check" is being performed results in a blank "Name Check" or "Business Check" page on the tab that has been switched to.

  • No results are shown in "Associated Media" when the pagination page size is changed on the first page.

2019/04/18 v1.2.5


  • Autocompletion of location inputs can now find locations based on country capitals as well ("Amsterdam" finds "Netherlands").

  • Audit has been added to "Business Check".

  • "Case Manager": Organization administrators can now export all cases in an organization to a csv file.


  • The "Create PDF" option from "Global Sanctions" and "Politically Exposed Persons" has been moved to the action bar in the "Generate Report" option.

  • The "General Information" tab in "Country Check" has been redesigned.

  • The styling of expanded rows in tables has been improved.


  • "Country Risk" has been removed from "Matches" in "Business Check".

  • "Country Check": "General Information" has been moved to be above "Wikipedia" .


  • The progress bar in "Case Manager" will no longer get stuck at 99%.

  • Changing the page size in "Associated Media" wil no longer result in an occasional empty table.

  • The Registered Address map in "Business Registers" no longer overlaps over the action bar.

  • "Update Input" in "Intelligent Checks" now correctly inserts the old input.

  • The tab label of cases that were created in earlier versions of Pascal no longer incorrectly show as "undefined".

  • A verification email will no longer be sent to an email address that is already in use by another user.

  • "Associated Media": Sorting results by publish date now works correctly in descending order as well.

  • The amount of "Matches" found in "Business Registers" now updates correctly after searching with updated input.

Known Issues

  • Hovering over France in the "World Map" in "Country Check" currently shifts the view in the "World Map".

  • Singapore is currently not clickable in the "World Map" in "Country Check".

  • Switching tabs while a "Name Check" or "Business Check" is being performed results in a blank "Name Check" or "Business Check" page on the tab that has been switched to.

2019/04/12 v1.2.4.1


  • Performing a "Business Check" with "Jurisdiction" and "Company Number" instead of "Name" works correctly again.

Known Issues

  • "Business Check" cases made with hyperlinks do not show the "update input" window when the "update input" button is clicked. Refreshing the web page will show the "update input" window again.

  • The Registered Address map in "Business Registers" currently overlaps over the action bar.

2019/04/11 v1.2.4


  • An action bar has been added at the bottom of the screen for "Name Check" and "Business Check". Additional features for the action bar will be introduced in the upcoming updates.


  • Switching tabs is now faster when a lot of tabs are open.

  • The table on the "Sessions" page has been updated with pagination.

  • The "Input translation" field has been changed to a dropdown input in "Name Check".


  • The "First name" & "Last name" inputs have been merged into a single "Name" input for "Name Check" and "Private Watchlist".

  • The following labels have been renamed:



    Edit input

    Update input

    Save case

    Update case

    Case Audit


    Integrate Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring

    Country Summary



  • The incorrect format for dates in exported PDF's on the "Sessions" page has been corrected.

  • The previously used input is now visible as input in "Name Check" and "Business check" when a case's input is updated.

  • News data is now retrieved correctly after editing the previous input in "Business Check".

2019/04/05 v1.2.3


  • "Business Check" cases were not created when following a hyperlink or when searching using a company number.

2019/04/04 v1.2.2


  • The styling of aliases in "Sanctions" has been adjusted to be more consistent.

  • Content in expanded table rows has been realligned to be clearer.

  • The results in "Name Check" and "Business Check" have been reordered to be from high risk to low risk.

  • It is no longer possible to scroll out of the colored zone of the "World Map".

  • The "World Map" now has a minimum and maximum zoom limit.

  • Country names in the "World Map" are now attached to the mouse cursor.

  • The minimum password length has been changed from six to eight characters.

  • Pagination has been added to the "Private Watchlist" table in "Organization Management".

  • The "Associated Media" canvas now loads faster.


  • "World News" has been renamed to "Associated Media".

  • The layout of the "Expand Search Options" in "Name Check" has been adjusted to be consistent with other elements on the page.


  • Some countries that could not be found when clicked on the "World Map" can now be correctly searched on.

  • After validating your e-mail address, you are now correctly redirected to the application.

  • Opening an item in "Monitoring" now always creates a new case instead of sometimes updating an existing case.

2019/03/28 - v1.2.1


  • The "World Map" in "Country Check" has been revamped.

  • Each country in the "World Map" of "Country Check" now shows a color which indicates its Governance Indicator score.

  • The "World Map" canvas now scales automatically with screen size.

  • All dropdown inputs now have an arrow icon to indicate it is a dropdown input.

  • Clicking on an empty dropdown input now shows all available options for that specific input.

  • Score bars have been realigned to be consistent with other tabs.

  • The "x matches found" in "Matches" in "Name Checks" and "Business Checks" have been aligned to the right of the row.

  • The name of a case will now be shown in the popup notification when a case is created or updated.


  • The width of the "Expand search options" column has been increased.

  • "First name" and "Last name" have been grouped under "Name" in "Name Check": "Private watchlist".

  • Various labels in "Intelligent Checks" have been renamed to the following:





Include sources


Include input translation

Input translation

Resolution: False

Resolution: Negative

Confidence: High

Confidence: Dynamic


  • The "World Map" in "Country Check" now works on Microsoft Edge.

  • Old options are no longer visible when clearing a dropdown input of text.

2019/03/20 - v1.2.0


  • "Politically Exposed Person" and "Sanction" data now updates automatically with every update of Pascal.

  • A verification e-mail will be send when an user changes his or her e-mail address.

  • Users can now reset their password directly in the "Account" menu.

  • Search history for "Name Check" and "Business Check" has been integrated. The search history stores the first name, last name, patronymic name and business name. Records older than 14 days are automatically removed from Pascal.

  • Tabs can be re-ordered by dragging them with the mouse cursor.

  • It is now possible to perform a "Name Check" or "Business Check" directly from names in "Sanctions", "Politically Exposed Persons" and "Associated Companies".


  • "Case created" and "Case updated" notifications now show the case name and case ID when opening the notification details.

  • The autocompletion of "Countries" and "Jurisdictions" now searches in country aliases and country codes.

  • Items in the "Organization" menu now have the option "Open in a new tab".

  • The "Reset Password" page button has been adjusted to be better aligned in various devices.

  • Patronymic name searching for "Politically Exposed Persons" has been improved.


  • Sessions will now show their last activity relative to the current time. The exact date and time is still available by hovering over it with the mouse cursor.

  • User "Profile" has been renamed to "Account".

  • "Forgot password" has been renamed to "Reset my password".

  • Empty cards will not be minimized by default.


  • Renamed tabs will no longer change their names when switched to a different menu item.

2019/03/14 - v1.1.3


  • The "Business Registers" canvas will now only show a loading icon at the bottom in an expanding row when additional data is being loaded.

  • The feedback forms have been updated to make it easier and faster to report feedback.


  • "Business Registers" will no longer load infinitely during certain requests.

2019/03/07 - v1.1.2


  • Tables in "Organisation Management" can now be sorted on name.

  • "Assignee" and "Office" in the "Case Manager" filter list are by default sorted on name.

  • Stability and responsiveness enhancements.


  • "Add to monitoring" has been renamed to "Integrate Monitoring" within the action bar of the input canvas.


  • Sorting now works properly on all columns in "World News"

  • Sorting now works properly on unresolved hits in "Case Manager"

  • Pop-up dialogs now use the full screen width on mobile devices.

  • A minor performance issue in the "Dashboard" has been resolved.

2019/02/28 - v1.1.1


  • New notifications have been added for logging in in another window, for when cases get archived and for when cases get updated.

  • You can now give feedback or report issues via the "Report Feedback" button at the bottom of the left sidebar.

  • It is now possible to filter by "Office" in the "Case Manager".


  • Notifications will now start showing once the browser tab is active.

  • Cases will no longer open when you accidentally click on the selection column instead of the checkbox.

  • All dates shown will now be in the user's timezone(e.g. 21-2-2019 16:25:20) or as relative to the current time (e.g. 42 minute ago).


  • Notifications will no longer overflow when there are too many notifications at once.

  • "World News" now shows more than 10 results when the pagination shows more pages.

  • Spelling errors on the "Organization Profile" page have been corrected.

  • The last modified date of a case is now correctly updated once a case is saved.

  • The "InterUI font contains an invalid /BBox" error message regarding PDF's in Internet Explorer will no longer appear.

  • Maps in "Business Registers" now work properly with non-Latin addresses in Internet Explorer.

  • Newly created groups now show up immediately in "Organization Offices".

Known Issues

  • Pagination in the "Case Manager" disappears when all the cases are on a single page.

  • Cases without a group id are not shown in the "Case Manager".

2019/02/22 - v1.1.0


  • Case following: Users automatically start following a case when an user is assigned to a case.

  • Realtime notifications:

    • Notifications are shown in the right sidebar and can be accessed from the left sidebar under "User" - "Notifications".

    • Notification: Case creation. All users that can see the case in the "Case Manager" will receive a notification when a case is created.

    • Notification: Case assignment. When a user is assigned to one or multiple cases, all followers of those cases receive a notification.

    • Notification: Logout. When a user logs out, the user will be notified in any remaining sessions or windows.

    • Notification: Mail notifications. Users can now opt in to receive emails of notifications. This can be enabled or disabled from the left sidebar underneath "User" - "Settings" inside the tab "Notifications".

    • Notification: Pop-ups. Users can enable or disable notification popups at the left sidebar underneath "User" - "Settings" inside the tab "Notifications".


  • Settings are now split into multiple tabs ("General", "Intelligent Check", "Notifications").

  • The "Add Group" dialog now uses the full width available for input fields.


  • Check marks in "Organization Users" have been moved to the right side of the table.


  • "Name Check": the input fields "Nationality" and "Country of Birth" no longer show each others auto-completion results.

  • The topbar menu now shows the correct coloring for the "Azure" and "Light" themes.

2019/02/14 - v1.0.4


  • Organizations can now have offices. Groups can be assigned to offices and offices can decide if cases should be visible to other offices within the organization.


  • "Fake News Identification" now only checks the selected rows instead of all rows.

  • You can now press the escape key to close the right sidebar or the logout menu in the topbar. You can also click outside of the topbar to close the logout menu.

  • All actions on persons, groups and offices in "Organization Management" can now be accessed by clicking on a row in the table.

  • It is now possible to see which groups have public cases enabled.


  • The width of the "Case Manager" filters for laptops and desktops has been increased.


  • "Business Registers" will no longer show "-1 matches found".

  • Renaming a card on the "Dashboard" now works properly and shows the typed characters.

  • "World News" pagination now shows the correct amount of pages for hits.

  • The "InterUI" font in PDF's has been removed in Internet Explorer to make PDF's in Internet Explorer readable again.

Known Issues

  • Some actions on cards currently apply to all rows. All actions on cards should apply only to selected rows.

  • A newly created group is not immediately visible in the "Office" table. The new group will be visible upon refreshing or reopening the "Organization Profile" page.

2019/02/08 - v1.0.3


  • Adding, editing or removing an user or group now shows the name of the corresponding user or group in the confirmation boxes and messages.

  • A new "check all" option has been added to assignees in "Case Manager" filters.

  • Stability and responsiveness enhancements.


  • Deep pagination for "World News" has been removed as it introduced performance problems. The best results are always shown in the first couple of pages (the limit of visible hits is 10.000).

  • Increased pager count for "World News" from seven to eleven.

  • The styling of emails is now consistent with the styling of the rest of the application.

  • The text in welcome and reset password mails have been updated.

  • The "Reset Password" checkbox will now always be unchecked when the "Edit User" dialog in the "Organization Profile" is opened.


  • Exact confidence now works for "World News".

  • "Fake News Identification" now works for articles that have been identified in the "News Retrieval" pipeline. The current news index does not support this at the moment, but will in a future release.

  • The "Reset Password" button is now visible in the reset password email.

Known Issues

  • "World News" pagination does not always show the correct amount of pages.

  • The amount of matches found for "Business Registers" in "Business Check" rarely show incorrectly as "-1".

  • It is currently not possible to see the changes you are typing while renaming a card on the "Dashboard" page.

  • Only the last character you typed will be added while renaming a card on the "Dashboard" page.

  • Some actions on cards currently apply to all rows. All actions on cards should apply only to selected rows.

2019/02/01 - v1.0.2


  • "Organizations" can now have multiple administrators.

  • Group managers can now edit group names.

  • It is now possible to have multiple managers per group. Users can only be in one group, but they can be a manager of multiple groups.

  • Administrators and managers can now see if users have a pending password reset.

  • Integrated loading progress functionality on each individual card.

  • Group names now have to be unique.

  • Additional sourceURLs have been added to existing sanctions.

  • Additional sanction datasets have been added.

  • The introduction email has been rewritten to be more informative.

  • Pages will load faster due to several minor enhancements.

2019/01/25 - v1.0.1


  • The user input in the "Add group/user" dialog will now be reset when the dialog is closed.

  • Administrators can now edit names of groups after they are created.

  • Administrators can now see which users are active in the "Organization Users" window.


  • An issue resulting in a white screen on Internet Explorer 11 has been resolved.

2019/01/22 - v1.0.0

New Features

  • Initial release of the CDDmatics Pascal applications.