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New features and improvements for CDDmatics Pascal are announced here.

14/02/2019 - v1.0.4


  • Organizations can now have offices. Groups can be assigned to offices and offices can decide if cases should be visible to other offices within the organization.


  • Fake News Identification now only checks the selected rows instead of all rows.

  • You can now press the escape key to close the right sidebar or the logout menu in the topbar. You can also click outside of the topbar to close the logout menu.

  • All actions on persons, groups and offices in Organization Management can now be accessed by clicking on a row in the table.

  • It is now possible to see which groups have public cases enabled.


  • The width of the case manager filters for laptops and desktops has been increased.


  • Business registers will no longer show -1 matches found.

  • Renaming a card on the dashboard now works properly and shows the typed characters.

  • World News pagination now shows the correct amount of pages for hits.

  • The InterUI font in PDF's has been removed in Internet Explorer to make PDF's in Internet Explorer readable again.

Known Issues

  • Some actions on cards currently apply to all rows. All actions on cards should apply only to selected rows.

  • A newly created group is not immediatly visible in the office table. The new group will be visible upon refreshing or reopening the Organization Profile page.

08/02/2019 - v1.0.3


  • Adding, editing or removing an user or group now shows the name of the corresponding user or group in the confirmation boxes and messages.

  • A new "check all" option has been added to assignees in case manager filters.

  • Stability and responsiveness enhancements.


  • Deep pagination for World News has been removed as it introduced performance problems. The best results are always shown in the first couple of pages (the limit of visible hits is 10.000).

  • Increased pager count for World News from seven to eleven.

  • The styling of emails is now consistent with the styling of the rest of the application.

  • The text in welcome and reset password mails have been updated.

  • The "reset password" checkbox will now always be unchecked when the edit user dialog in the organization profile is opened.


  • Exact confidence now works for World News.

  • Fake News Identification now works for articles that have been identified in the news retrieval pipeline. The current news index does not support this at the moment, but will in a future release.

  • The reset password button is now visible in the reset password email.

Known Issues

  • World News pagination does not always show the correct amount of pages.

  • The amount of matches found for Business Registers in Business Check often show incorrectly as "-1".

  • It is currently not possible to see the changes you are typing while renaming a card on the Dashboard page.

  • Only the last character you typed will be added while renaming a card on the Dashboard page.

  • Some actions on cards currently apply to all rows. All actions on cards should apply only to selected rows.

01/02/2019 - v1.0.2


  • Organizations can now have multiple administrators.

  • Group managers can now edit group names.

  • It is now possible to have multiple managers per group. Users can only be in one group, but they can be a manager of multiple groups.

  • Administrators and managers can now see if users have a pending password reset.

  • Integrated loading progress functionality on each individual card.

  • Group names now have to be unique.

  • Added additional sourceURLs to existing sanctions.

  • Added additional sanction datasets.

  • The introduction email has been rewritten to be more informative.

  • Pages will load faster due to several minor enhancements.

25/01/2019 - v1.0.1


  • The user input in the "add group/user" dialog will now be reset when the dialog is closed.

  • Administrators can now edit names of groups after they are created.

  • Administrators can now see which users are active in the "Organization Users" window.


  • Resolved an issue resulting in a white screen on Internet Explorer 11.

22/01/2019 - v1.0.0

New Features

  • Initial release of the CDDmatics Pascal applications.